Agia Marina

Agia Marina is located 9 km west of Chania and is a seaside resort fully developed as the nearby settlements of Stalos and Platanias. It has 1450 residents.

Worth to see the small church of Agia Marina, from which the village took its the name, and just 1.5 km south,Nerospilia is a rather interesting cave with stalactites and stalagmites which was used as a worship place during the Minoan Times.

If you want to see the Cretan wild goat, the famous Kri Kri you can visit the island of Saints Theodore, with excursion boats from Chania or by private boat from Agia Marina. The visit to the island requires a permit from the Forest Service, as the space of the island is protected and access is limited.

On July 17 there is a celebration of the patron saint of the village of Agia Marina.

A tourist resort with great development, Agia Marina offers hotels, rooms and apartments for rent.There are also several taverns and restaurants with delicious food which meets everybody’s taste. Agia Marina is an attraction for many tourists because it has many entertainment venues, bars and clubs with Greek and foreign music.Therefore, the nights here are filled with intense and varied entertainment and this place promises guests that they won’t be bored.

Access to the village is ensured by regular bus routes and taxis from closely situated Chania.

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